COLE SPEARS,  born and raised in Elkhorn City, Kentucky was bitten by the Bluegrass bug at a very early age.  Cole's mother played bass in a gospel group.  At age ten he picked up her bass and bluegrass music took over his life.  His grandfather, a true lover of the music felt he needed to be with young bluegrass pickers to feed his musical desires.  That young picker friend was Kevin Prater.  A strong respect and friendship grew from that meeting.  At that time Kevin Prater,  had a band "Elkhorn Grass".  With the departure of their bass player, Kevin asked Cole to fill in, eventually becoming their full time bass player. 

During his youth some of those that influenced Coles playing style was Marshall Wilborn, Todd Phillips, Bobby Sloane, Steve Bryant and many others.  Cole listened to a wide variety of musical hero's from Jim Croce, Merle Haggard to Harley Allen. 

During the years of Coles bluegrass journey he says he followed Kevin Praters footsteps, which continued to provide great opportunities.  Cole has played with Junior Blankenship, Bluegrass Strangers, The James king Band with Kevin Prater and Coles personal favorite, Melvin Goins and Windy Mountain.  That show in Milton, WV.,  Melvin Goins was doing a live recording at the Mountaineer Opry House.  Cole, once again was asked to fill in for David Boling on Bass.  Cole said Melvin was on his game that night, everything was perfect.  His favorite memory of his career.

 In 2007, Kevin Prater asked Cole to play in The Kevin Prater Band.  As a founding member of the band Cole took great pride in once again sharing the stage with the guy that has become his brother by choice, Kevin Prater.   However, as it does many young men in Kentucky, Cole was offered a steady pay check working underground in the Coal Mines.  Cole took a chance on the opportunity.  Unfortunately, a very serious accident ended his days in the mines.   His music was still there to help him heal, physically and mentally. 

Again, Kevin Prater was waiting there inviting him back to the band to play bass.  As Cole stated, "It feels as if the Prodigal son has come home.  It is great to be home with his Brother". 

Kevin Prater has stated Cole Spears is a gifted multi-talented musician, playing guitar and mandolin in addition to bass.  Additionally he is a great vocalist that can sing all the parts.  They both look forward to playing music together for many years.