Daniel Pugh: Bass

 August 11, 2018, began a new phase for The Kevin Prater Band with the addition of 17 year old Daniel Pugh as full time bass player.  Daniels first show with The KPB came on August 11 in Cambridge, Ohio.  First show, third song in, "House Of The Rising Sun" as it is recorded on our current CD, "All I Ever Wanted".   Though a little big eyed, he handled it like a pro.  Thrilling the crowd with his impressive Bass work.  During intermission Kevin offered Daniel the position full time.  Daniels dream of touring with The KPB came true.

Kevin Prater said of Daniel, "At Daniels young age, I am amazed at Daniels knowledge of the music, but also his talent on every instrument.  He also understands what to play and why.  Additionally, Daniel is a great young man that loves the road and the people of Bluegrass Music.

Daniel began his musical journey at age 12.  As is with most kids, it began with an Electric Guitar, but after attending his first jam session, he knew the Banjo was what he wanted to learn.  Dr. Ralph Stanley soon became his hero.  Picking up much on his own, then from instructors and pointers from fellow musicians.  He was soon playing with confidence.

 Family friends Shorty Byrd and Kenny Welch would take him to jam sessions.  Shorty played Upright Bass and was a natural transition to that instrument for Daniel.  Hard work really paid off.  Daniel was ready when he got the call from Kevin Prater to audition for The KPB.

Daniel is seventeen and currently a Senior at East Montgomery High School in Biscoe, NC.  



Daniel Pugh