Bailey Moore - Growing up in a musical family, Bailey Moore practically has bluegrass music in his  blood.  Bailey is a 5th generation musician in his family.  First showing interest in music at age four, his father showed him a few guitar chords and he took off with it.  By age five Bailey started getting on stage  playing guitar with his dads band.  At age 8 Jeremy Stephens inspired Bailey to pick up the banjo.  At age 11 Bailey decided to carry on his family line and picked up the upright bass.  Bailey's uncle was the late, great Jason Moore , who played bass along side Kevin Prater into the late 90's in the James King Band.  Bailey's great uncle is Allen Mills, founding member of Lost and Found  Band.  Bailey learned all about the bass from  Jason, Allen and his father Darren.  Bailey's bass style is reminiscent of Jason's powerful and consistent style.   At age 14, Dempsey Young's mandolin style causght Baileys attention and convinced him to pick up the mandolin as well. 

Bailey has played bass with the Mike Mitchell Band while still in High School.  After graduation he started playing banjo with Caroline Owens, later switched to bass in her band.  Late last year Bailey joined Roxboro Connection, playing bass on their current album.  

Now, being 19, having  recently reached a new milestone, he is very excited and eager to travel around the country with The Kevin Prater Band.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       


The Kevin Prater Band at Marshall Bluegrass Festival 2023