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Situated in the hills of Eastern Kentucky, there is a small town of Belcher.  Listen closely and you might hear what is first thought to be the angels singing.  It is the sweet, crystal clear, high tenor voice of Belcher’s own multi-talented son of Bluegrass.   Add in his powerful and precise Mandolin, a few licks of his Guitar, Banjo, Bass and Dobro, you have the complete package of Kevin Prater.  Kevin began his musical voyage at the age of four.   Encouraged and mentored by his Uncle and biggest fan, Boone Estep. At age 10, he formed his first band Elkhorn Grass.  Elkhorn Grass toured for eleven years, then becoming the house band for Dollywood.  Now, over thirty years later, Kevin has traveled millions of miles, played in 49 States and 23 countries.  Kevin has moved from being one of the best sidemen in Bluegrass to leading his own talented and unique band, from the hills of Appalachia, creating that Pure Kentucky Sound of the The Kevin Prater Band.

The Kevin Prater Band grew from a long musical association between Kevin Prater and Tom Timberlake. Beginning with the Timmy Cline Band in 1994 and continuing with Redwing in later years.  Years into Kevin's tenure with The James King Band, Tom began encouraging Kevin to do his own music, with his own band. Tom's persistence paid off. He put the fire under Kevin to pursue his dream of fronting his own band.  Soon they were forming The Kevin Prater Band. They started picking together again and working on new music with a couple of local musicians, playing their first show as "The Kevin Prater Band" in 2009.  Kevin has been blessed to showcase his many talents through out his amazing career.  His solid rythmn and lead is a driving force of the KPB sound. His vocals are the backbone of the group, which the music is built around.  Kevin has surrounded himself with veterans of Bluegrass Music, enabling them to create their unique style of Bluegrass and Gospel Music they are quickly becoming famous for.

Ryan Lester, Though he is filling the Guitar position of the band, Ryan is very talented and plays a variety of instruments.  Ryan is high appreciated for his vocal talents and enjoys singing all the parts, harmony and Lead.  Ryan grew up as part of The Bluegrass Gentlemen, sharing the stage many years with is talented grandfather, Dean Jackson.  In recent time Ryan was a member of Mike Bentley and Cumberland Gap Connection.  

Adam Burrows, Is a highly talented, gentle giant, until he picks up that fiddle.  Fans are amazed at his high energy and ability to dance and tap and the same time he is playing.  His love of traditional Bluegrass Music is proven in his ever present smile.  Adam has great stage presence, learned at an early age.  He has toured and filled in with many great bands including Lonesome Will Mullins, The Burrows Brothers, Kody Norris and many others.  Adam also plays Bass, Guitar and other instruments.   He contributes to the band vocally as well.  

Jake Burrows, Brother to Adam Burrows, additionally comes to the band at a young age, but a strong resume.  Jake plays Banjo and Dobro for the KPB and plays many other instruments as well.  Since a young age he has filled in and toured with many great names of Bluegrass.  Jake adds his incredible high tenor vocals to enhance the traditional sound of the band.  

The Kevin Prater Band sound comes from a wide range of influences and musical heroes. The Original Seldom Scene, The Country Gentlemen, Osborne Brothers, Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver, Red Allen, The Stanley Brothers, Boone Estep & The Ramblin Grass are among the different styles of music they have all admired and studied together throughout the years.  Also steeped in the tradition of Gospel music, they pride themselves on the a capella hymns and great gospel songs that people have come to enjoy. The band also includes Classic Country and Vintage Rock in their repertoire, insuring no two shows of The Kevin Prater Band are the same.

Members of the band are great friends, enjoy making great music and look forward to a long future together.  The band enjoys traveling, reconnecting with old friends, making new fans and  hope their music will bring attention to the "Pure Kentucky Bluegrass & Gospel Music" they have become known for.  Watch for Kevin  Prater and The Kevin Prater Band at a show near you.  Great things are happening and they want you to be a part of it.

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The Kevin Prater Band bases their sound on strong vocal harmonies, built around high trios, and their style is reminiscent of the classic Seldom Scene and 1970's Country Gentlemen performances. They are also steeped in the tradition of Gospel music, and pride themselves on the a capella hymns and great gospel songs that people have come to enjoy. The band includes classic country in their repertoire and loves bringing old familiar favorites to life. Add a little vintage rock and roll and you never know what else you might experience at a KPB show!

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